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Law students’ dreams, ambitions and ideas and we pledge ourselves to help you realize your dreams and ideas


Our main goal is to draw attention of law scholars and students to today’s most challenging issues of international law through timely seminars and to provide opportunities for students to connect with highly notable scholars and discuss their ideas and research interests with them.


Through our courses we offer more comprehensive syllabuses for some fields of law which are usually not well addressed in university courses, in order to equip the students and legal professionals with skills and knowledge they can put in to practice.
Our focus is on International Law and International Arbitration and Foreign Investments as we deem these fields of law of high importance with regards to our country situation in the today’s world and international legal, political and economic order.
We need international lawyers and negotiators with remarkable skills and MIS intends to contribute to foster the new generation of legal experts with providing accessible and affordable courses.

Jessup Moot Court Competition

Moot Court competitions are a recently introduced educational methods of International Law in Iran which have gain remarkable importance and attraction among law students.
Jessup is the oldest and, in some way, most comprehensive moot court in the field of International Law.
This moot court competition is organized globally by the International Law Students Association (ILSA), an organization based in the United States, and it has the highest number of participants among competition of this kind.
We have decided to align our efforts with trends followed by law students to be more efficient in helping law students enhance their capabilities and to engage in research and academic purposes.
For this reason, we decided to facilitate the administration and organizing process of the Jessup competition, enhance the experience of the qualifying rounds in Iran and provide assistance to the champion team of each year’s qualifying rounds to be able to participate in the international rounds which is held annually in Washington DC, United States.
Also, we have been engaged in organizing annual Jessup Summer Schools in collaboration with ILSA to equip law students with skills and knowledge they need for participation in Jessup competition and to fill the gap between conventional university courses and a more productive and interactive methods of learning.

MIS Law Journal

Our main goal for publishing a law journal is to have a different and more innovative kind of legal publication. We do not intend to have a journal consisting of today’s most challenging issues of international law, shortcomings of the legal system and possible solutions for them.
The goal is to draw law student’s attention to these shortcomings and to invite them to contribute to the international law society by focusing their researches and studies in the newly emerged challenges of international law.
For this means we ask university professors and legal experts to write their ideas on emerging topics of international law as a guidance for law students and also, we accept graduated students’ articles for publication in our journal.
We appreciate new ideas for contributing to international law studies. We support research projects, courses and seminars ideas.

Law in Practice

MIS has also been involved in various legal cases. We provide legal services in Iran and abroad to corporations, individuals, public organizations and NGOs.
Since its establishment, MIS has been involved in a range of activities in fields of great consequence, such as oil and gas upstream & downstream.
It has also been engaged in numerous projects in water transfer, mining, project & trade finance, malls & hotel developments, power plants and joint ventures.
Furthermore, as diversity of topic and extending our practice over a variety of issues has always been a top priority, the Centre has served as an international trade adviser on all legal and commercial aspects of well-known Project’s finance as well.
As MIS is partnered with chief legal experts, attorneys and academics, the Centre is in a position to follow through all legal aspects of any assigned project.

مرکز مطالعات حقوق بین الملل مدرن، نهادی آموزشی، غیردولتی و غیر سیاسی است که با هدف توسعه مطالعات حقوق بین الملل در سال 2011 در دبی تاسیس شد و از سال 2016 با گشایش شعبه تهران ، فعالیت های خود را در ایران نیز آغاز کرد.

توجه مرکز به حقوق بین الملل از ضرورت درک این شاخه از حقوق به عنوان یکی از عناصر اساسی دیپلماسی و روابط بین الملل نشات گرفته است و ما را بر آن داشته تا در راستای آموزش و تربیت هر چه بهتر دانشجویان حقوق و توانمند ساختن آنان در حوزه های آکادمیک و عملی حقوق بین الملل گام برداریم.

با توجه به چالش های روز و نیازهای منطقه غرب آسیا و شمال آفریقا ، فعالیت های آکادمیک این مرکز بر ابعاد مختلف حقوق بین الملل تمرکز دارد و شامل فعالیت هایی همچون برگزاری دوره های آموزشی ، سمینارها و مسابقات بین المللی حقوقی می شود.

در این راستا، مرکز مطالعات حقوق بین الملل مدرن، با موسسات و نهادهای برجسته حقوقی و نیز حقوقدانان شناخته شده ی بین المللی همکاری می کند.

Hence, MIS academia aims to educate students on the contemporary issues of the International Law and the required etiquette and professionalism to put their knowledge into practice. Also, MIS has played a significant role in facilitating an effective collaboration among international law students and scholars all around the world.
MIS further intends to enhance the understanding of international perceptions of the countries and legal systems in the Middle East and North Africa beyond the region. Offering diverse practice areas has always been MIS’s top priority. Our practice areas include international commercial and trade, finance, dispute resolution corporate and compliance, merger and acquisition and joint venture.

We represent companies and individuals in various capacities and industries i.e. oil and gas upstream and downstream, water transfer, mining, power plant infrastructure, malls and hotel development projects.

MIS’s professionals have served as international trade advisers on all legal and commercial aspects of locally distinguished projects as well We are committed to provide new and challenging academic opportunities for law students, through organizing innovative courses and seminars with international lecturers on contemporary issues and challenges of International Law. We welcome ideas and suggestions from various institutions and individuals for academic projects. We have the capacity to provide universal and comprehensive services to any individuals, companies, corporates and other institutions which are in need of reliable legal consultation and solution-oriented advices. Our team of experts advises on a wide range of legal issues in the areas of business, construction, compliances, investments and etc. ****