Philip C. Jessup Moot Court Competition 2019 Round 1 and 2
21 November 2021
On 6 May 2018 MIS held a seminar on “ Wa t e r s e c u r i t y f r o m International Law Perspective” with the presence of notable professors, researchers and other interested participants. Following an Article Writing Competition on the same subject organized by MIS, this seminar wa s held to provide an opportunity for researchers to be able to present their articles and benefit from valuable comments of judges of the competition and notable professors in the related field. At the beginning of this seminar, Dr. Mohsen Abdollahi, Member of Centre for Modern International Law Studies' Advisory Board, greeted the professors and participants. He then introduced winners of the competition and subjects of their articles. He explained the process of judging submitted articles and criteria considered by the judges to choose the best article in both Farsi and English section of the competition. He then requested from H.E Judge Koroma, our special guest and Member of Centre for Modern International Law Studies' Advisory Board to commence the seminar with his lecture.

H.E Judge Koroma e expressed his satisfaction of such academic seminars being held in Iran and pointed out the numerous adv ant ages of such an opportunity for law students, he then addressed the importance of the issue of water and water security, particularly in the Middle East.
en Mr. Sadegh Jafarzadeh, the winner of the first article in the Farsi section, presented his article titled «Access to Water, a Genuine or Derivative Right? a Comparative Study on European Court of Human Rights and Inter-American Court of Human Rights' Jurisprudence».

Aer his presentation, participants raised some questions regarding the article and as the author answered, the professors also elaborated on some aspect of the issue. Aer a short break, Mr. Ali Seif, Cowinner of the second article in English section of the competition, presented his article on “e Role of National and International Tribunals in the Evolution of the Human Right to Fresh Water” in English and a similar question and answer session took place with active participation of the attendees and judges of the competition. Professor Said Mahmoudi, Member of Centre for Modern International Law Studies' Advisory Board and one of the judges of the competition gave the closing speech of the seminar.
During his speech, he stated his experiences participating in various international assemblies in the related field and mentioned measures taken by other countries on national and international levels for addressing the issue of water security.

Aer his speech, participants had the opportunity to ask questions and discuss some of the main concerns of international law with regard to water security. Presence of professors such as Dr. Jamshid Momtaz and Dr. Said Mahmoudi brought the opportunity to deepen the elaboration on the subject from international law perspective and serious technical matters were discussed. On the closing ceremony, Dr. Motevassel, founder of the Centre for Modern International Law Studies, thanked the advisory board of MIS for proposing innovative suggestions which contribute to promoting international law studies in Iran and help to engage academician and student with universal concerns and issues of international law. Lastly, the prizes of the winners in the Article Writing Competition were handed to them by H.E Judge Koroma.

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