Essay Competition and International Conference on “Regionalism and/or Internationalism”

Frankfurt Investment Arbitration Moot Court Competition
15 March 2022
Philip C. Jessup Moot Court Competition 2023
28 January 2023
Modern International Law Studies Centre (MIS) is organizing an essay competition as well as an international conference with the subject of "Regionalism and/or Internationalism". This will be a two-day seminar which will be hosted by Emirates University in Dubai on 10 & 11 October, 2022. All Master and PhD students of law, whatever their field, are eligible to have the opportunity of writing an essay regarding the abovementioned issue. Graduates of Master's degree or PhD whose graduation date have not yet exceeded a year are also eligible to attend this competition. MIS proudly announces that it will fully sponsor the authors of best six essays to attend the conference in Dubai and to make their presentation with the presence of some of the most well-known international law scholars (Professor Djamshid Momtaz, Professor Saeed Mahmoudi, Judge Abdul G. Koroma, Professor Rüdiger Wolfrum, and Dr. Mohsen Abdullahi and also the founder and CEO of MIS, Dr. Sirous Motevassel).

The purpose of this workshop &seminar is to discuss the current trends in regionalism and internationalism in some areas of international law, to comment on the suitability of each of these models of cooperation as regards the development of the content of law, its implementation and the fulfilment
of its purposes, and to address some possible legal issues that may arise regarding the relation between regional and international organizations. The event has a broad approach to the subject and will address both general legal questions relating to all regional or global organizations and more focused issues relating to the purpose, structures, mandate, machinery, shortcoming and strength of specific organizations.

For more information, please contact our Conference Coordinator, Mr. Ali Masoudian. WhatsApp No: +98902 978 5103

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