International Law and Its Challenges in Today's World

  • Time: 28 September 2019, 17:00
  • Place: Modern International Law Centre
  • Lecturers: Dr. Mohammadreza Ziaei Bigdeli, Dr. Djamchid Momtaz

Celebrating its third anniversary and for paying gratitude to eminent professor of International Law, Dr. Ziaei Bigdeli, for his years of effort for the legal community and International Law in Iran, on September 28,2019, MIS held a seminar on "International Law and Its Challenges in Today's World”.
The seminar began with opening lines from Dr. Sirous Motevassel, founder of Modern International Law Studies, in which he stated goals for establishing this Centre, and the efforts made through these years for promotion of international law studies. After Dr. Motevassel opening speech, Dr. Ziaei Bigdeli gave a speech on the same subject as the title of the seminar, elaborating the challenges that all the different fields of international Law face. After Dr. Ziaei Bidgeli’s speech, Professor Momtaz made some invaluable remarks on this subject. At the end of the seminar,  time was allocated to questions from the audiences, answers to which brought so many emerging challenges of international law to the attention of the audience.

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